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We Accept Bulk Orders For Parties And Functions
Best homemade sweets online delivery in vijayawada


Collection of Premium Quality Andhra Style Homemade Sweets with a taste of your comfort food with savoring flavors of different cuisines.

Best veg pickles online delivery in vijayawada

Veg & Non Veg Pickles

Enjoy the most spicy taste pickles of Andhra Pradesh which pack deliciousness with our range of both the Veg and Non-Veg pickles.
Best Homemade Snacks Delivery Online


Have the most flavorful and luscious side dish powders of your taste with different kinds of delicious dishes and powders to get the taste to the liking

About Us

Sita home foods Founded by Smt. Sita, Sita Home Foods is the Best Home Foods Store in Vijayawada traces its humble beginnings back to 1997. Driv jken by a passion for festive cooking and inspired by her mother-in-law’s culinary wisdom, Smt. Sita embarked on a remarkable culinary adventure. It was her aunt who recognized Smt. Sita’s exceptional talent in feastive cooking and encouraged her to transform it into a business. Starting from her own kitchen, Smt. Sita began cooking and selling a delightful array of traditional and authentic cuisine, ranging from Premium Quality Andhra Style Homemade Sweets to nutritious snacks and mouthwatering pickles. With each passing year, her efforts flourished, and after just two years, she proudly hired her first employee, marking a significant milestone for Sita Home Foods.

Since then, Sita Home Foods has never looked back and became the Best Home Foods Store in Vijayawada . Guided by Smt. Sita’s unwavering dedication, the business has grown exponentially, captivating the taste buds of customers near and far. Today, we continue to uphold the traditions and flavors that define our authentic cuisine, offering a wide range of homemade delicacies that are crafted with love and attention to detail.

How We Work

Our passion for food drives us to create delicious dishes, preserve tradition, and prioritize customer satisfaction. We continuously improve and pay meticulous attention to every detail, offering flexibility and punctuality for a remarkable culinary experience.


Choose Your Option

We offer a wide range of delicious food options to cater to different customer preferences. There are endless culinary traditions to explore and discover your own personal favorites!


Set The Date

Select your favorite and set the date to order your delicious food.


Always consistent

We provide consistent food that maintains uniform taste, appearance, aroma, and texture in every dish or product.

Favorite Food

With an extensive array of delectable dishes, we cater to every palate. Whether you’re a fan of comforting classics or an adventurous foodie seeking high-quality fresh flavors, our diverse menu has something to satisfy your cravings. From savory delights to tantalizing sweets, we offer a delectable selection that promises to please all taste buds.

Online Sweets Delivery in Vijayawada

Fulfulling your Sweet Buds

We provide different types of tasty sweet indulgences that await you to fulfill your cravings.
Online Food store for Homemade Podis

Pickles of your Taste

We provide different types of spicy savory pickles tailored to your taste preferences.

Have the Feeling of Home Food & Comfort

Food has a way of bringing people together, Sita Home Foods provides you the feeling of home food and comfort you are craving for and to truly savor to the home made food.

Sita Home Foods

We Sita Home foods offers various types of pickles in veg and non-veg , karam podi (powders) , sweets and hots to fulfill the satisfaction of tasty buds to the hearts fullest by providing the Best Home Foods Store in Vijayawada  with organic cooking.

Make your every Meal Yummy! While savoring its every and very bite and sharing your happiness in the form of food.

Special Offers For You

We are delighted to present exclusive offers tailored just for you
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Team Expert

Our Testimonials

Our testimonials reflect the satisfaction and delight of our valued customers. From their heartfelt praise to their positive experiences, they affirm our commitment to delivering exceptional service and memorable culinary moments.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the culinary wonders at Sita Home Foods, and I must say, it was an absolute delight! From start to finish, the entire experience exceeded my expectations. Each dish I tried showcased her Genuine love for the culinary art.

Vijay Customer

The best quality sweets and hot items. They have a variety of sweets and hot items here. They were more than happy to assist me in selecting the perfect dishes and provided helpful recommendations. The entire ordering process was seamless and efficient.

Vamsi Customer

I highly recommend trying Sita Home Foods to all the food enthusiasts out there. She deserves recognition for her exceptional quality and flavors. Whether you're looking for a quick meal or planning a special gathering, Sita Home Foods will exceed your expectations.

Priyanka Customer
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